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Small Bottles

Genuine PWD Rush Poppers

Having a unique aromatherapy experience is very important to people all over the United States. We seek out oils, candles, and herbs to transform an average environment into a pleasant oasis. JungleJuicePlatinum.com understands your needs and offers small bottles of various Multi-purpose Solvent Cleaners featuring isobutyl nitrite. Choosing Rush, Locker Room, Ecstasy Pop or English Royale can help turn an average evening at home into an exciting, sensual experience. Just pop the cap of your multi-purpose cleaner and let see how it cleans. Whether you are sampling a new scent or are interested in something you can take with you on a trip, these small bottles of multi-purpose solvent cleaners with alkyl nitrite are perfect for you. When used to clean, you’ll find the temperaments improve and everyone feels at ease.  Take a look at our small bottles of multi-purpose solvent cleaners and discover which option is perfect for you and your “someone special.”